Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fullstops, Commas and Question marks.

I want it to end, for i feel the end will bring me peace. The silence, the beauty, the lonliness. I dont want the noise, i dont want the confusion. I just want you and me. Away from everyone, away from everything. I want you to be my peace. I need you to be my end.
Im here waiting for you. Memories for the sake of memories. Silently begging for them to be relived.
Why is it so confusing? Why are we still playing these games? Why am i not what you want? There are too many questions and im scared of the answers. I wish now more than ever you could read my mind. I wish you could understand my mute language. I wish you could hear the words i havent spoken. I wish you could see the dreams i havent dreamt. I wish you could feel what im too scared to touch.
We are two different people now, two different souls. But why do i still feel tied to you? Why do i still feel a connection? I hate you for what you do to me.
Last night was scary. Alone, in the dark and you know ive never been scared of the dark before. This morning was strange, almost absurd.
I woke up, finally, to the light of your darker side.

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