Saturday, April 17, 2010


What a blend of thoughts. What a process. The contrasts of life are emerging through the white washed walls. The boy in the red is leaning, thinking. An intense person, with inner secrets. The voice of God echoes through the voice of sounds. Sounds of God with the rhythm. And in that myth of rhythm, we lay. With our inner secrets.
The understanding that passes between souls, between brothers. An untaught, untamed impulse. The beauty of being. An instinct. These words are coming by chance. Its a message. A message to our soul. We are all messengers of the soul. A message to me.
The borders of my eyes are fading now. The body is responding. There is no fear. No sense of self. In that depth, I float. The shadows within me are emerging. The reflection of my soul. I feel me. What i am. Who i am. And what i'm here for. The image of the quest in my eyes.

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