Friday, October 9, 2009

Yeh kahan aa gaye hum?

I dont know which road it was that i walked on, which road it was that lead me to you. It didnt feel like 12 years. It felt like it had been only 12 seconds since we last saw each other. A mysterious connection, some would say. But only you and i know what this means. How those random memories drew us together, those nights of random laughing. Randomness seems to follow us everywhere. You say im a dreamer, that i always was one.
In reality, we're both dreamers.
I love that feeling of protection you give me. It engulfs me. It feels like im with you, where ever you are. As though you want me with you
But now, having said it all, i don't see why you would want me. When you can get anyone you like, why would it be me? I feel like ive set my hopes too high. Im trying to focus on the Law of Attraction. I want this to be, not only in spirit, but in a tangible form, if anything ever was. I wish for this to happen and yet i question this wish. Why am i so confused? What is it about you that numbs my senses and clouds my judgement? I don't want to fall into the same trap again, but you tempt me. And i cant resist temptation.
I know our aim was to avoid me being suspended in mid air, but thats where i am right now. I need you to release me. To help me come down. To be my safeguard. I want you to tell me where we are, where i stand. Who i am to you. I need you to answer my questions, because i am lost now. Lost like i have never been before.

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